Deng Yi Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

Deng Yi Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer specializing in rubber hydraulic machinery for oil seal, o-ring, brake lining, melamine and vulcanization forming. Since establishment of 1989, we have dedicated to upgrading techniques and equipment and developing the advanced rubber forming machines with commitment to offer effective facilities that streamline and facilitate production process for various industries and keep up with the technological demands by international markets. Meanwhile, we aim to offer high-quality and innovative products and services at moderate price. With constant efforts into market development and insistence on permanent corporation management, we are confident in providing quality machine meeting customers' demanding requirements. We welcome all requests with drawings or samples. Rubber Compression Molding Machine, Oil Seal Vacuum Compression Molding Machine, Trimming Machine, Hydraulic Press, Cutting Machine

DYPV-S-Vacuum Type Rubber Compression Molding Machine

We believe that an industry standard for Rubber Compression Molding Machine must ultimately deliver real, tangible benefits to consumers. Also, with our expertise, we have been offering quality DYPV-S-Vacuum Type Rubber Compression Molding Machine renowned for premium features at competitive prices. We appreciate your interest, feedback and suggestion. If you have any questions about products of Deng Yi Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd., please leave your message and contact information at our website.


Vacuum Type Rubber Compression Molding Machine

Since the establishment in 1989, we have been devoted in producing Rubber Compression Molding Machine. This Vacuum Type Rubber Compression Molding Machine features its high quality and long-lasting performance so it is really loved by our loyal customers. Please contact us when you have any question or needs!
These products are manufactured using the finest quality raw material in accordance with the set industry standards. Manufactured with finest materials, Rubber Compression Molding Machine ensures you durability and quality. Also, we are highly lauded for our timely delivery, customization solutions and flexible transaction modes.